• Imagine...
  • What if...
  • You had Engaged employees
  • Driven to perform at their best
  • What if...
  • You could hire more of the best
  • If You could understand what is the ‘best’
  • And see what lies beneath
  • That drives performance
  • More than anything else.
  • If You could model excellence
  • and embottle success...
  • What could you achieve?

Talent Questions: What if you knew...

- What drives a high performer in a key role in your organization?

- What differentiates high performers from lower performers?

- How you could attract, motivate, and retain more top performers?

- How long top performers will stay with you (Job Clock)?

Proven, Cost-Effective Answers to the Questions!

✓  Motivation and Attitude are major predictors of performance

✓  The iWAM measures motivation and attitude

✓  An iWAM Model of Excellence provides the answers

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iWAM Model of Excellence

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