Identify the Best with a
Model of Excellence

"How can we select more high-performers for a given role?"

The Model of Excellence is the best known tool to support selection decisions. Its predictive power outweighs the power of any other tools: Models in general predict 40-60% of performance ratings (other assessments usually predict 5-20%. (In certain roles and organizations Models have shown 70% or more predictive power!)

If you know what is important to perform at high levels over time in a given role, one can identify individuals with the key patterns who are likely to do well.

We do not recommend using the Model just like
any other tool as a sole basis for making hiring
decisions; we rather recommend using the ranking
of applicants provided by the Model of Excellence
to determine which applicants to interview first.


Please contact us if you wish to receive further information about an
iWAM Model of Excellence quote.

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