Increase Team Performance with a
Model of Excellence

Knowing what constitutes the best performers in a team is excellent input for developing individuals as well as the team as a whole. In addition to understanding what contributes to high-performance, the revealing of individual differences, synergies and potential sources of difficulties is also beneficial in increasing team performance.

Team Leader effectiveness can be enhanced by coaching on how to manage top-performers effectively by understanding their motivational and attitudinal patterns, and how to manage different lower performers to behave in ways comparable to top performers. ("One size does not fit all!")

What can you achieve? 

Case Study: A Call Center Team created iWAM Model of Excellence to benchmark what drives successful behavior in the position. 

The Model was used for:

  • Identifying high-potential applicants to the Call Center
  • Creating a training program that helped managers coach lower performers 
  • Help managers understand differences in team and its implications


     Net result of the intervention was
     33% increase in revenue from those
     who underwent training within the
     first 6 months following the


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