What Are the Benefits of a
Model of Excellence?

Whether you want to go from good to great, solve performance problems, or avoid issues related to motivation, retention, and the like, the Model of Excellence will help you.

Value Added by a Model:

  • Achieve excellent performance though motivated, high-performing employees! You can create something your competitors do not have!
  • Predict performance more accurately than with any other assessment tool. With this tool, you can identify the applicants who are more likely to become high performers and interview them first!
  • Create a higher quality applicant pool by crafting recruitment ads using language based on the MAPs of your high-performers.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and maximizing talent utilization in your organization!
  • Use information from the Model to coach current associates who are performing below par.
  • Implement effective training and development that is targeted at specific needs!
  • Increase the effectiveness of leadership and improve the quality of succession planning.
  • Reduce attrition and know what it takes to retain top performers!
  • Achieve an excellent return on your investment in your people and business!

Avoid the Downside with a Model:

  • Reduce significantly the potential of a bad hires that represent a major hidden cost!
  • Stop wasting money on less efficient and effective recruitment and selection practices.
  • Reduce low-impact and inefficient training that consumes valuable resources.
  • Stop losing your top talent by understanding their key motivations and their "Change Clock."

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