Effective Coaching, Training & Development

"How can we improve the overall performance
in a given role in our organization?"

To increase the performance of a given role in your organization, you might want to deal with all of the following:

  • keep or take your high-performers from good to great
  • increase the tenure of top performers
  • turn your lower performers into high-performers (or replace them.)

     Revealing the key motivational and attitudinal
     patterns of high-performers and coding them
     in a Model of Excellence is helpful in
     determining what to train and how to train
     for maximum effectiveness. 

The mismatches between one's patterns and those of the Model indicate what the content of training and development should focus on, and one's patterns and the language of motivation indicated for each helps you design and deliver training and coaching with great impact.

An extra feature, the “iWAM Job Clock” reveals when burnout or boredom would set it in one’s job so that you can plan for it, prevent it, and retain top talent.

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